The CEO of GODSENT invest on Duely


The CEO of GODSENT invest on Duely

The CEO of GODSENT invest on Duely


Tomas Martin: A year ago I was experimenting theoretically with a similar concept, but Duely's team has taken it to the next level.

The esports industry is constantly evolving, magic is not in the game itself, but in the personalities and the culture around it. This has led to the sponsorships of the teams, the players in more consolidated competitions, as well the huge prize pools, all of which is creating a massive global visibility for the brands. In addition, the market has a much more inclusive fanbase than the traditional sports.

“The industry must be the fundamental pillar of this phenomenon, one of the problems esports clubs are facing is the disparity between profits and losses. Sponsors remain their main form of funding. The clubs need new ways to finance their projects and create new business lines. "- With this statement, Alberto Martínez Guerrero, CEO of Duely, announces they started a round of investment in the startup.

The CEO of GODSENT, Tomas Oropesa Martin has been the first investor in the project. Tomas was the founder of the page, one of the first platforms in offer users the possibility of trading with CS:GO virtual goods. He also made several transfers of players with Fnatic, unusual movements in the esports industry of those dates.

About a year ago I was experimenting theoretically with a similar concept, but Duely's team has taken it to the next level. The emerging blockchain technology is opening doors to business models that were impossible to execute until recently. Esports is a booming global industry and there are tremendous growth areas for this nascent industry

explains Tomas Martin about Duely.

The investment platform wants to cover the liquidity problems of the teams. Duely allows investors and fans from all over the world to invest in Esports Teams in exchange of a percentage of their economic rights or the economic rights of their players (transfer rights).

“Duely not only provides the opportunity for users and companies of all sizes to invest in their favorite esports stars with extremely lucrative returns on investment, but also represents the solution to a real problem for esports organizations, whose existence is mainly subject to sponsors’ money. Thanks to Duely, the organizations will be able to receive capital and expand without losing the control of their companies," Answered Tomas to the question of why invest in Duely.

Duely solves one of the main needs of the esports clubs and this is why they have been contacted by investors as soon as they opened the investment round. The platform works just like NASDAQ, it is still in the beta phase but users can already buy and sell players' shares. The price of these shares vary depending on the supply and demand.

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