Alavés' Wakaso writes off car in Bilbao after Real Madrid win

The Alavés player's car veered into the hard shoulder on the AP-68. The Ghanaian was on his way to Bilbao airport to fly out to be with the national team.

Ghana international Wakaso Mubarak was involved in a minor traffic accident this morning but did not suffer any physical injuries, Deportivo Alavés have confirmed, adding that they player did not need hospital treatment after the incident.

Wakaso was driving to Loiu airport, 12 kilometres outside of Bilbao, where he was due to take a flight home to join up with the national team. The accident happened on the AP-68 when the player's car apparently hit the hard shoulder - just hours after Alavés' epic win over Real Madrid. The player was able to continue his journey to the airport and made it in time to board his flight.

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