Batistuta still miffed about losing Argentina goals record to Messi

The former striker was asked whether he got annoyed when Leo Messi surpassed his goals record for the national team: "It pissed me off a bit... well, a lot".

Gabriel Batistuta admitted that he couldn't quite bring himself to be pleased for Leo Messi when the Barcelona star surpassed his goals record for Argentina. Between July 1991 and June 1992, Batistuta found the net 54 times for Argentina. His winner against Bulgaria in March 1998 took him past Diego Maradona's all-time national team record. By the time his international career had ended, no one had ever scored as many goals for Argentina - until Messi overtook him, with a wonderful, signature free-kick, in the 0-4 victory over the USA at the Copa América in June 2016. As it stands, Messi's tally stands at 61.

Batigol told Telefe this week that he tries to be philosophical about losing his record.

Presenter: Bati held the goals record for Argentina and Messi took that from you. Did that piss you off, or were you ok about it?

Batitusta: "It pissed me off, yes, a bit... well, a lot to be honest... It was a distinction which I had, and it wasn’t just anything, it was a big deal. When I broke that record, the news went all around the world. I was the maximum goal scorer for Argentina. I think I ended on 54, and now Messi, has… I’m not sure how many exactly but it's more than me. He will end up scoring double what I scored. I loved having that record but at least I am behind and extraterrestrial! There is always someone who will surpass you – that’s what records are for".

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