Fernando Torres: "One year, two years... I want to stay at Atlético"

The striker spoke about his hopes to renew during an event to promote a new book: "I think everyone knows what my wish is..."

Fernando Torres attended an event to promote the book ¿Quién dijo rendirse? (Who said give up?) written by Carlos Matallanas, ex-footballer and brother of AS journalist Javier Matallanas, who is battling against Motor Neurone Disease.

Torres eager to continue at Atlético

During the event, Torres spoke to the media about his own future and his hopes to reach a new agreement to stay on with Atlético de Madrid.

“Footballers also have problems – we want to advance in our careers and at times we have to take decisions as to where we would like to play… at the end of the day it’s your life, your passion and your job, and you look to find the best conditions for you, for your family… I think all footballers know what I am talking about.

“You fight for the things that matter to you, you fight until your legs have no strength left to realize your dreams. Everyone knows what my wish is. I hope I can continue wearing the Atlético shirt – that’s what I want, it’s no secret. It’s up to the club and whether we can agree a deal for a few years, or from year to year, I hope to still be around for another year at least”.


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