Act of kindness started Zidane's friendship with Ronaldo

The Brazilan confessed how he became friends with Zidane when the two were playing in Italy - a friendlship which has grown over the years.

Old friends

Ronaldo Nazario and Zinedine Zidane played together at Real Madrid but their friendship goes back much further - as the former striker explained on Brazilian television this week: “Funnily enough our friendship began when I was playing for Inter Milan and I got injured for the first time. And without even ever having exchanged a word with him, Zidane took a plane and flew out to Paris to visit me. That’s how we became friends. I don’t have any other explanation", Ronaldo said.

Pure elegance and class

"We did the same work for the United Nations and both of us became ambassadors in the battle to end child poverty. For 13 years we played the famous ‘Friends of Ronaldo vs Friends of Zidane’ charity games. I played alongside him for five years, I trained alongside him and it was just... magical! Because he is pure elegance, class... I’d be asking myself: how does he do those things with the ball? It was like music, almost like he was dancing...”

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