Ronaldo put a mirror up upon arriving at Manchester United

Phil Neville, Cristiano Ronaldo's teammate at Manchester United was telling anecdotes at the unveiling of the biography 'Cristiano Ronaldo', by Guillem Balagué.

Phil Neville reminisced about his former Manchster United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo at the presentation in Madrid on Thursday of Guillem Balagué's biography of the Portuguese superstar. 

Neville, speaking in decent Spanish, told a story about what  Ronaldo did as soon as he arrived at Manchester United. Here's the transcript: 

"There are lots of stories about Ronaldo, but I prefer just two or three...

When he arrived at Manchester he put a mirror next to his place, and every day he was [looking] in the mirror... with his clothes... his image is phenomenal..."

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