Djokovic takes out frustration on racquet in Masters loss

The world number one smashed his racquet to bits during his Shanghai Masters loss to Roberto Bautista... then meekly cleaned what was left up.

World number one Novak Djokovic was broken four times in his Shanghai Masters loss to Roberto Bautista, and took out his frustration on his racquet.

The 12-time Grand Slam-winner has been in a spin since he won his first French Open title in June, losing early at Wimbledon and the Olympics and struggling for motivation.

And the defending champion, a three-time winner in Shanghai, lost both title and his cool in a stormy appearance at the Qi Zhong Tennis Centre as his slump in form continued.

Djokovic later admitted he "didn't feel good" mentally and it showed as he resumed his tirade against Brazilian chair umpire Carlos Bernardes. "I just don't understand, you know, the decisions that he has made," Djokovic grumbled.

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