Enner Valencia dodges police mid-match over alimony row

The Everton forward started the 3-0 win over Chile but was stretchered off with the authorities hovering and taken to hospital before vanishing.

Enner Valencia escaped the clutches of Ecuadorean police seeking to question the Everton forward over unpaid alimony to his ex-wife after playing in the national side's 3-0 win over Chile on Thursday, according to reports in the South American country.

Police thwarted

Police gathered at the door of the team coach before the World Cup qualifier but were unable to detain Valencia, who is believed to owe his former wife $17,000, due to the intervention of team mates, according to the El Universo newspaper.

Altitude sickness

The authorities then waited by the pitch to apprehend him after the game but the player received on-field treatment for altitude sickness with 10 minutes remaining, before he was rushed to an ambulance that took him to a local hospital, a video on the El Telegrafo newspaper site showed.

The whereabouts of the West Ham centre forward, who moved to Merseyside on loan at the start of the season, are now unknown.


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