When Ronaldo did in Montjuïc what Pelé tried and failed

He scored one his most memorable goals at Espanyol in 2004 when he left Lemmens floored, and walked the ball over the line without touching it.

Espanyol vs Real Madrid live English

When Ronaldo scored without touching the ball

Of all of Ronaldo Nazário's goals which stick in the memory, the one he scored against Espanyol in Montjuïc in February 2004 is up there with the best. Madrid were 1-3 up and the game was approaching minute 70. Raúl broke the Pericos offside trap with a threaded pass leaving Ronaldo with just Erwin Lemmens to beat. With just a quick drop of the shoulder, he left the keeper floored and walked the ball over line without touching it - well, actually he did help it on its way but it was going in anyway...

Pelé at Mexico 1970

Perhaps Ronaldo had seen footage of Pelé trying something similar at the 1970 World Cup finals. 'O Rei' shimmied past Uruguay keeper Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, who had come tearing off his line leaving him stranded but his resulting shot just bobbed past the post, inches away from being one of the most inventive goals of all-time...



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