Miss Bum Bum invades pitch, starts getting naked

The Gremio - Palmeiras game was stopped when the candidate for Miss Bum Bum Santa Catarina evaded securty and ran onto the pitch where she started taking her clothes off.

Miss Bum Bum stages naked pitch invasion

Danny Morais, candidate for Miss Bum Bum for the state of Santa Catarina staged a pitch invasion at the recent Gremio - Palmeiras game. 

The model managed to evade pitchside security and run onto the pitch, where she began discarding her clothing, likely in a bid to show off her not inconsiderable attributes and gain attention for her campaign to be named regional Miss Bum Bum.

Miss Bum Bum candidate is Gremio fan

Miss Morais also hugged several Gremio players. She has announced she is a fan of the team. 

The game finished goalless. 

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