Neymar affirms he will not stop partying to appease critics

"If you've won what I have being 24 years old, how would you behave", Neymar snapped at a journalist in Brazil yesterday.

A moment of tension was felt yesterday when Neymar spoke to the media as Brazil prepares for the Rio Olympics.

Silvio Barsetti from Terra, asked the striker about his compromise with the national team alluding to Neymar's night-life. The Barça player clearly annoyed with the insinuation replied: "It's what I do on the pitch that is important, my private life is that". I've no issues about this, I make mistakes but why shouldn't I be able to go to a night-club?"

He concluded: "On the field I give my all. Your question is loaded. If you were 24 years old and had won the honours that I've won would you be different? That's my question to you.

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