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Stuart Palley: 6 años de fotos de noche de los peores incendios de la historia en California

incendio california noche fotoperiodista stuart palley

Stuart Palley - @stuartpalley

El fotoperiodista Stuart Palley tiene una cuenta de Instagram tan espectacular como terrorífica sobre los peores incendios en la meca de los deportes de acción.

Hace ya seis años que Stuart Palley empezó a fotografiar incendios de noche en California; unos incendios que cada año que pasa son peores.

Empezó como fotoperiodista freelance para el US Forest Service y hace relativamente poco ha anunciado un contrato con ellos para seguir haciendo esta tarea durante los próximos 5 años.

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Feeling Grateful: Honored to announce that I’ve been awarded a contract with the United States Forest Service to provide fire line photography at wildfire incidents across the US for the next 5 years. I’m especially grateful to all my mentors in the fire service who helped show me the ropes, fellow fire photographers who have shepherded me along, and most importantly my family for embracing, sometimes reluctantly, a version of Hot n’ Smoky Grown-Up Summer Camp. - - - This might be the best job ever: Photographers "must have the capability to shoot still photographs and/or video on very short notice (often 24 to 48 hours); to travel to remote forest and rangeland locations by personal vehicle or government conveyance; to endure high temperatures and smoke; to follow instructions from fire personnel assigned to assist them; to hike for moderate to long distances in steep terrain carrying gear needed for safety, sustenance, and to perform the work; and to shoot still photographs and/or video from fixed wing aircraft or helicopters." - - - For my fire friends, looking forward to the opportunity to directly work with you in the future and tell your story. If you’re on a crew in California or beyond, send me a DM if you’re ever on a large campaign fire! - SP Image from a firing operation at the Thomas Fire in December 2017, when a firing group insisted they take my photo. #cafire #calfire #usfs #thomasfire #usfs #photography #wildfire #forestfire #climate #forest #mountains #summer #ca #socal #southops

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Ver sufrir a cualquier tierra es duro. Ver sufrir algo que te toca de cerca como California, meca de los deportes de acción y referente en surf, freeski, snowboard o skate, entre muchos otros, lo es todavía más.

Aunque lo que ocurre con las fotos nocturnas de incendios de Stuart Palley es algo muy curioso: la espectacularidad de las imágenes, la belleza que te atrae y te tendría observando durante horas, es también terrorífica por las consecuencias que se trae.

Especialmente porque en muchas de sus fotos incorpora el factor humano, afectado cada vez más por los incendios forestales por su incursión en los bosques.

Así, el fotoperiodista de California retrata casas, coches e incluso autobuses que han sido atrapados por el fuego y prácticamente calcinados.

En ese mismo sentido, tiene algunas que sin mostrar nada 'quemado' también son impactantes. Como la del cartel de Malibú "21 miles of scenic beauty" con los fuertes incendios que han afectado la zona últimamente, que han obligado a evacuar casi 300.000 personas -entre ellas Shaun White- y que también han tenido víctimas mortales.

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“I always wondered what this day would be like. I’m so sorry for everyone who lost their homes.” - Quote from a firefighter friend summing it up - Image from Pacific Coast Highway and Broad Beach last night. Got some rest and can write semi-coherently today. The last 36 hours have seen a Santa Ana wind event that only slowed down when it hit the Pacific Ocean, also known as the Great Pacific Firebreak. In Thousand Oaks the fire jumped the freeway and burned through the mountains to the coast in a matter of hours. Fire burned to PCH or the beach from Pepperdine to Leo Carrillo. There are over 100 homes destroyed in the area, and damaged ones as well. In some cases the fire moved faster than I could keep up with it. Power lines are down, a haze of smoke is turning the ocean orange, and things are starting to slow down a little bit before we get more winds. I was up for 30 hours with a short nap Thursday and Friday during a just-about-worst-case Fire scenario in Malibu and Thousand Oaks. Ive talked a lot about this contingency with friends and photographers in the fire world, but to see it materialize, I am still reeling. My heart hurts for the suffering and terror I saw yesterday, residents fleeing for their lives watching their houses burn down in the rear view mirror. People on the beach taking refuge from the smoke and fire in total shock. Grateful to be safe through it all minus a few bumps and bruises and some minor equipment issues. More thoughts and pictures to come, but for now back into the field for a bit. #woolseyfire #malibufire #cafire #lacofd #calfire #socal #climatephotography @griffin44105

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Todo ello queda recogido en su libro Terra Flamma: Wildfires at night, que pretende ser un recopilatorio de sus fotos más espectaculares, así como una llamada a la acción para intentar evitar los fuegos y sus graves consecuencias. El que no quiera comprarlo... siempre puede seguirle en Instagram.

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