Allegri defends Cristiano: "In Italy no one scores 40 goals a season"

Juventus' coach spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo who has yet to score his first goal for the club and stressed that Serie A is not like LaLiga.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri told reporters that they should be realistic about the number of goals new signing Cristiano Ronaldo will score for the team, and explained that Serie A is nothing like LaLiga.

“I wouldn’t say that the Italian league is more difficult or better than other leagues but it does require more attention. We, the coaches make sure our defences are well prepared and no team will gift you anything. Here, it’s almost impossible for a player to score 40 goals in one season. It has happened once but that was a one-off during a strange season. It’s more normal for a player to end with 26 or 27 goals but having said that, the team with the top goal scorer doesn’t generally win the league”.

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