Torres in tatters at Neptuno: "I've realized a childhood dream"

Fernando Torres told fans that winning his first trophy with Atlético meant achieving a dream he has held since watching the double-winning side back in 1996.

Fernando Torres addressed the hundreds of fans at Neptuno fountain on Friday  celebrating the triumphs of Atlético's men's and women's team, and told the children present that he too was once in the crowd as a young boy dreaming of winning something with the Rojiblancos. Torres recalled being taken to Neptuno with his parents when Radomic Antic's Atleti side clinched the double in 1996.

"This is the best!" - Torres

“About 22 years ago, I was just over there – I was just an 11-year-old kid and I’d come to see the Atleti team who has won the double in ’96. When I saw them lift the trophy, I dreamt that one day I would be here… (cheers). Many years have gone by since then and over my career I have won a lot of things but without any doubt, this is the best. So to all the children who have dreams, ‘Nothing is impossible – especially when you’re an Atlético’ Forza Atleti!”


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