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"I don't know if Alonso would like to be my teammate"

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"I don't know if Alonso would like to be my teammate"

"Actually, I don't know if Fernando Alonso would like to be my teammate", says Jaime Alguersuari.

Joao85: Good morning, Jaime. Would you like to be Fernando Alonso's teammate?

Alguersuari: Of course, why not? The truth is that I don't really know if he would like to be my teammate. It is really important to have a competitive teammate. Then, you can improve and make your team bigger and stronger. Greetings.

Pablo: Hi Jaime, was Ferrari's strategy correct?

Alguersuari: Actually, they did enough for what they had. There were too many problems with degradation on tyres and I think that 3 stops would have been faster than 2. But, with this championship, so matched, you know that when stopping 3 times there is a big probability of finding traffic. In spite of the tyre thing, Ferrari chose a brave strategy with Fernando. Greetings

Diego: Where was Alonso's mistake?

Alguersuari: No where. I think he did a solid race. There's only a little difference between 2 and 3 stops. As I said back in Malaysia, the victory in Sepang was because of the choice Ferrari and Fernando made with the tyres in the right moment. They know their car is far from competing for top 5. Greetings.

Mpg-96: How was Ferrari's race? What can they do to win races?

Alguersuari: I think they did the maximum they could with what they have. They have a lot of work with the aerodynamics. Greetings

Fran: Can Alonso win this world championsihp?

Alguersuari: Sincerely, Alonso is one of the best drivers in the world and things don't happen without any reason. Jenson (Button) back in 2008 made no points with Honda and next year he won the championships. Alonso would only win the championship if they improve the aerodynamics of the car. Greetings.

Alfonso: Jaime, when are you coming back to F1? We want to see you there.

Alguersuari: I appreciate the comment. Sincerely, I don't know if there's any possibility of driving a car in 2013, but I want to think I can have a chance for it. I am only 22 and I believe there are a lot of things that I can still do with my live. I know how F1 works, and no one, not even me, understood what happened to me. If I am not competing, I would do what makes me happy.

Iván: Hi Jaime. I think Fernando can't win the championship. Their car is not really competitive, and their improvements won't be enough to reach the fastes cars of F1. Maybe I am wrong, but I would like to know what you think. Both McLaren seem to be the best candidates. About Checo Pérez, I see him achieving some pole and maybe a win. Greetings and thank you.

Alguersuari: I totally agree with your analysis. I also see McLaren as the best candidate for the championship. Sauber is a great car. Why not? Everything can happen here. Greetings.

Vítor: Talking about Alonso and the level he is yielding nowadays, what do we see more, car or driver?

Alguersuari: 100% driver. They are where they are supposed to be. Greetings.

Franklin Vega: What do you think about venezuelan driver Pastor Maldonado, his way of driving in China and his sort live inside F1?

Alguersuari: Maldonado did a great job, also Williams did. Good strategy, because they didn't catch too much traffic and that helped them to shorten differences with their competitors. Greetings.

Miguel: Do you think your season would have been better than Toro Rosso's drivers are? Thanks.

Alguersuari: Hi Miguel. I leave the answer for yourself. Greetings.

Vicen-t: Hi Jaime, who will win the championship? When are you coming back to F1?

Alguersuari: I would bet for one of the McLarens, even though this is wide open and everything can happen during the season. In the end, they have the most consistent and effective car. Also, when cornering they generate more charge than anyone else and they have such a great drivers. Geetings.

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