Mum's 'advice' cheeses cyclist off while climbing Alto de l'Angliru

Iván Muñoz wasn't too pleased when his Mum gave him 'encouragement' as he climbed the demanding mountain climb. "It gets harder after this" - "Bloody Hell Mum!"

Iván Muñoz wasn't best pleased when his Mum started giving him 'encouragement' as he made his way up the challenging Alto de l'Angliru mountain climb in Asturias.

Muñoz's Mum can be heard talking to her son as she filmed him making the ascent.

Mum: "Iván, what's coming up is much tougher, eh!"

Muñoz: "What?"

Mum:"It gets a lot harder after this"

Muñoz: "Bloody Hell Mum! Thanks!"

Mum: "I'm only trying to help"


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