Proud dad Cristiano, ballboy on son's debut for Pozuelo

Cristiano Ronaldo didn't want to miss his son's debut for Pozuelo Under-8s and even took on the role of ballboy, retreiving a ball that had gone out of play...

Cristiano's son has signed for Pozuelo. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. made his debut with the Under-8s at the Valle de las Cañas Sports complex on Friday and there was no way in the world that his father was going to miss it. And the youngster capped the event with a goal in his first 7-a-side game against Carrascal and celebrated just like his dad. The Real Madrid player, who watched the game along with the other parents behind one of the goals even took on the job of ballboy - retreiving a ball that had gone out of play! Cristiano enthusiatically applauded all of Pozuelo's goals as the team ran out 4-3 winners and as a proud dad, took a photo of his son on the final whistle. Also on the books at Pozuelo is the son of ex-Atlético de Madrid defender, Pablo Ibáñez.

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