Stick to the day job! Neymar makes his musical debut...

The Barcelona star joins the likes of Jesé, Kevin Keegan and Chris Waddle on the list of footballers turned musicians who should probably stick to playing.

Neymar tries his hand at singing

Fresh from announcing the launch of a music career, Barcelona's Brazilian star has uploaded his debut song, 'Yo te necesito' ('I need you'), to social media.

Sticking to the day job would be a good idea

Whether it's a joke or not remains to be seen but from the looks of things Neymar performs better on the pitch than he does off it. The Brazilian was in stellar form on Tuesday night, scoring once and providing four assists in Barcelona's 7-0 thrashing of Celtic, but his musical efforts leave a lot to be desired. Take a listen for yourself.

'Neymusico': the next big thing?

Neymar won't be the first footballer to try his hand in the music world. His compatriot Pelé recently released an album with a song titled 'Esperança' ('Hope') while former Fulham and Tottenham forward Clint Dempsey, now at Seattle Sounders, is well-known for his rap career under the moniker 'Deuce.'

And, of course, the less said about Jesé's rap career the better...

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