Klopp uses a young Liverpool goalkeeper as a striker

During the most recent pre-season friendly against Huddersfield Town, injuries meant that the manager, Klopp, was forced to use youth goalkeeper Shamal George...up front.

When 18-year old Shamal George turned up to Liverpool's most recent pre-season friendly against Huddersfield Town the last thing on his mind was likely to be any thought of scoring the winner. But, thanks to various injuries and the complement of players at the manager's disposal on the evening, that was an opportunity given to the youth team goalkeeper.

The game was into the second half and all outfield substitutes had been used. When Brazilian midfielder, Lucas Leiva pulled his hamstring and Klopp was forced to make the unlikely change. After the game the manager was asked about the decision:

"They told me from the bench after I'd organised the system with 10 [men] and they said, 'Come on, we have Shamal'."

Watch the video to see how he got on...but notice that it was Alberto Moreno who scored the penalty completing a 2-0 win and not the goalkeeper that the crowd were chanting for to take it.

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