Barcelona's new signing Yerry Mina steals photographer's kit

Barça's new player took advantage of a huge fight at the end of a match in the Libertadores against Peñarol to take a photographer's equipment.

Barcelona new signing Yerry Mina appears to have another side to him. Or at least that's what video footage of him apparently stealing a photographer's kit suggests.

The incident happened during a match between Penarol and Palmeiras, which Palmeiras won 2-3, despite having been behind 2-0. At the end of the game, a mass fight broke out between the two teams, with fans getting involved too. And while the fight was going on Yerry Mina spotted his opportunity to grab some gear...

Some football fans around the internet and on social media however have argued that he was merely taking it to have something to defend himself with in case he was caught up in the melee. And as far as we know there were no legal consequences for the player's actions, but he does appear to be up to something a bit iffy...

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