Barça pearl Xavi Simons: "I'd rather set up a team mate to score than score myself"

The promising young player from Barcelona's youth academy spoke to Soufiane Touzani. "I'm happiest creating goals for my team mates because it's good for the team".

Xavi Simons is one of the most promising young players at Barcelona's La Masía youth academy. The Under-15s midfielder told Dutch-Moroccan freestyler Soufiane Touzani about what makes him happiest when he is out on the pitch.

Soufiane Touzani: “What do you prefer the most, scoring goals, or making assists?”

Xavi Simon: “Making assists. For me, that’s the most important thing”.

Soufiane Touzani: “Why’s that? Why do you prefer setting up your team mates?”

Xavi Simon: “Because, while I am happy when I score, I’m just as happy when one of my team mates scores. I like seeing them happy. That’s why I like providing assists, it’s good for the team”.

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