How many hours a year does Rafa Nadal spend training to become the world's No.1?

Rafa Nadal took a test to count the number of hours he spends on the practice courts over the course of a year in order to become the world's number one.

How many hours a day does Rafa Nadal spend every year in training in order to become the world's No.1? The Spanish surprised himself when he added up the numbers himself...

“I train four hours a day for 210 days of the year. That makes… a lot!

“If we add to that, the 80 tennis matches I play per year, with each game averaging about two hours in duration. That makes, uff… a thousand hours playing tennis every year. And that doesn’t even count the days I spend training during tournaments.

“I change the strings on my racket every nine games. End to end, the strings on a tennis racket are 10 metres in length. So, including my training sessions, I don’t know how many kilometres of string I go through in a year!

“And it’s probably best if I don’t mention how many times I hit the ball in one year…

“Let’s think about the total number of hours I spend travelling every year… in that time I think I could watch every series on Movistar+. Well, all of them… that’s impossible”

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