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Bosnian players 'take a knee' in protest at referee's performance

The players of second division Bosnian side NK Bosna Visoko were so enraged at the referee allowing the home side's time wasting antics they protested by taking a knee.

NK Bosna Visoko players were so enraged that the referee allowed the time wasting antics of home side NK Zvijezda Gradacac with just a minute left on the clock and the score at 1-0, they decided to 'take a knee' in protest (although some player just sat down instead).

'Take a knee' protest in Bosnia

The 'take a knee' protest in the USA was started by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in protest at police brutality in the United States towards black people. It reached football this weekend when Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin showed solidarity with American football stars ahead of their match against Schalke.

In the match between Zvijezda Gradacac and Bosna Visoko however the away team taking a knee led to the home side eventually deciding to head up the pitch and make it 2-0. The protest continued, with the Bosna players actually kicking off and then going back to their protest to allow Zvijezda Gradacac to make it 3-0.

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