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Pitch invader nets in Honduras Clásico, Olimpia goal stands!

Olimpia-Motagua, the Honduran Clásico, bore witness to a bizarre incident on Sunday during the eventual 2-2 draw between the sides.

Last Sunday's match between Olimpia and Motagua, the Tegucigalpaderby and a game known as the Honduran Clásico, ended in spectacular fashion when the home side equalised in the 94th minute through Roger Rojas.

The Olimpia forward beat Jonathan Rougier fair and square, but the Motagua keeper had a valid complaint: at the same time Rojas was beating him to his left, a fan had run on to the pitch with a ball and was slotting a shot past him to his right.

The protests of the Motagua players fell on deaf ears though and the goal stood.


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