De Grasse | Part 3

De Grasse talks about the 200m Olympic race with Bolt

The 21-year old sprinter talks about his race and laugh with Usain Bolt during the 200m in the Olympics during his interview with AS Chile.

From lightning Bolt, to Grasse'd lightning

Andre de Grasse, named by Usain Bolt as the successor to his sprinting throne, spoke with AS Chile about his career, his future targets and who he thinks can take over the mantle from the Jamaican.

In Chile the Canadian has been giving sports clinics to youngsters and was quick to point out that he was well aware of the country's obsession with football. The clinics are proving a great way for him to give something back following his success.

Here he remembers his time in the Olympics with Bolt in which they famously had a smile with each other mid-run.

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