Schneider lands on Raiders of the Broken Planet

Sergio C. González Sergio5Glez

Disponible el 31 de mayo

MercurySteam launched their light-hearted pulp sci-fi shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet last September. It’s a game full of varied and organic gameplay, irreverent humour and unique missions where the enemies distract us from completing our mission goals through nefrious means. Both shooting and melee combat have equal relevance here too, since you need to defeat your opponents through hand to hand combat to replenish ammo and Aleph —the energy source that governs all life in the galaxy fuelling the conflict raging over the Broken Planet. 

Raiders of the Broken Planet follows an episodic narrative: its campaigns are released periodically, can be purchased independently and don’t follow any definite timeline, allowing new players to jump in and start playing at any point in whatever order they chose to. The latest campaign, Hades Betrayal, includes four new missions and brings a wealth of new additions that mark the continuing evolution of the game, such as the new progression system and new characters who you can recruit to expand your choice of mercenaries. 

Schneider, the spoiled teenage hacker

Schneider is the latest addition to join the roster of Raiders on May 31st. We met him during the In Media Res mission, where this rebellious teenager gave us a really hard time. After capturing him, Schneider seems to be joining Harec’s band, and we bet his relationship with other Raiders will be somewhat complicated. This irreverent punk, fully aware of his outstanding intelligence, will always behave like the spoiled teenager he is.

This whiz kid built his SCHN31D3r when he was 14 years old, and it is his special weapon. Schneider is a weakling compared to the rest of the Raiders, and his pistol doesn’t deal lots of damage, but his real strength resides in his drone, and its ability to lay deadly traps for his enemies.

Playing with Schneider is all about setting ambushes to catch your rivals unawares, luring them toward chokepoints and deploying your aerial drone, who will then gun them down with its lasers. When playing in Antagonist mode, you can use SCHN31D3r to cover the Raiders’ objectives, and foil their mission in a smart and satisfactory manner. 

While Schneider can give us the impression of being a nasty little brat, this hacker is bound to offer great fun to those players more inclined towards tactical combat. Want to learn more? Join us on Meristation’s channel, this Wednesday 30th of May, at 18:30 CEST, for an exclusive gameplay reveal of this spoiled but smart ass hacker.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

Raiders of the Broken Planet es el nuevo proyecto de los españoles Mercury Steam para PC, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One, una épica aventura de acción futurista centrada en el modo multijugador y en el que varias facciones se enfrentan en espectaculares combates asimétricos.

Raiders of the Broken Planet