Alavés examine police baton charge in El Sadar

Alavés and their lawyers are examining the actions taken by Spanish police at the end of the game against Osasuna in El Sadar stadium. The police used force to clear the Alavés fans.

Alavés vs Celta Vigo live

Deportivo Alavés and their lawyers are examining the events of Saturday's match against Osasuna at El Sadar, that saw clashes between the police and Alavés supporters, with the police baton charging the Alavés supporters as they sought to clear the stadium. 

Alavés have released the above video of the incident. 

Spanish government: "Alavés fans refused to leave El Sadar"

According to the Spanish government's representative in Navarra the private security at the stadium requested the help of the police because some of the Alavés fans were refusing to leave the ground. According to this version of events, when the police officers attempted to reach the part of the ground occupied, people attempted to stop them, meaning the police had to act to access the area and remove the fans.

Alavés defend their supporters

Alavés for their part have released a statement lamenting the unfortunate incident suffered by their supporters.

"The fans that came to support our club had a very positive attitude, in an atmosphere of maximum respect and brotherhood between the two sets of supporters both before and during the game".

Alavés are studying the incident to decide what further steps to take. 

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