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Azpilicueta explains why Chelsea fans call him 'Dave'

Chelsea fans started calling César Azpilicueta "Dave" almost as soon as he arrived at Stamford Bridge - and they've even dedicated a terrace chant to him.

Reporter: Can you tell me why the people on the Street here in London call you ‘Dave’?

Azpilicueta: (Laughs) Ha ha, well, it all started not long after I first arrived here. When Chelsea fans asked me if they could call me Dave… For them, pronouncing my surname Azpilicueta is a bit difficult and so after that, it just became my nickname – in an affectionate way. Now quite a lot of people refer to me as Dave.

Reporter: At the stadium, during home games, they sign a personalized song they made for you? Can you show it to me?

Dave: Sure (presses Play...).

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