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Casillas: "I really felt for Karius - I know exactly how he feels"

Iker Casillas says he didn't enjoy seeing Loris Karius' misfortunes during the Champions League final: "He's a nice guy, a humble guy. I really felt for him".

Iker Casillas spoke during an event at LaLiga's offices in Madrid this evening and one of the questions put to him was about Loris Karius misfortune during the Champions League final. The Porto keeper said there is nothing worst that seeing a fellow goalkeeper suffer an "earth, please swallow me" moment but added that it is an occupational hazard that goes with the job - something he too has experienced himself.

Casillas sorry to see Karius suffer

“Obviously I was happy that Madrid won but I did really feel for a fellow goalkeeper – Karius is a player who I actually know because we met in Last 16 stage. He is a really lovely guy, a humble bloke so no, it’s not nice to see something like that happen to a colleague. But in a way, it’s the random way luck can either go your way or against you – you can just get a toe to the ball in a World Cup final like what happened to me, or you can suffer a really horrible, absurd stroke of luck like what happened with Benzema. I think it did unsettle him – it does throw you off kilter. It’s not easy to just stop thinking about it and put it completely out of your mind. Even after that, Liverpool managed to make it 1-1 but then there was that great goal from Bale, which would have been like another jug of cold water being poured over you. It’s another blow. Yes, it’s happened to me. I remember the game against Holland in Brazil, something similar happened to me!”

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