N'Zonzi apologises to Sevilla fans for night on the town

Sevilla fans took to social media to vent their anger after it emerged the French midfielder went partying in Madrid following the 0-5 pasting to Barça in the Cup final.

Steven N'Zonzi has come out to say sorry to Sevilla fans who were not happy to see him out on the town and apparently partying after the team suffered a painful 0-5 defeat to Barcelona in last night's Copa del Rey final.

Time for family and friends

N'Zonzi explained why he needed to let his hair down a little to take his mind of the Cup defeat and spoke to the club's television channel to apologise if he offended anyone and added that, like everyone else, he needs a social life and that it is not healthy to be couped up at home all the time, thinking only about work.

“I’d like to apologise to Sevilla fans", N'Zonzi said. "I made a mistake by going out after the game. [Losing the final] is difficult for all of us – for the players too. We are not happy with our performance in yesterday’s game but sometimes you have days like that. I hope the fans can understand that mentally, it is also very difficult for us, the players – we have games to play every three days and in my case, I live alone so I am always on my own at home. A normal days for me is going to training, then going home to rest. I am always at home but yesterday, my family and friends came down to visit and after the game we went out because it was a chance for me to see them. I think the most important thing in life is good health but it’s true that yesterday was a bad day for all of us. We have to remember that it is a good achievement to reach the final and we have to continue working hard until the end of the season. I will be working hard as I always do. I would prefer that people said I didn’t play well in the final rather than I talk about me going out afterwards; I hope people understand that we have lives to lead too and that it is very difficult to be always completely focused on football and think only about that. I accept that I made a mistake and that’s why I am saying sorry to the fans”

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