Xabi: "Madrid are the favourites to win the Champions League"

Ex-Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso also spoke about being investigated for tax evasion: "I haven't hidden anything, I've showed I'm above board". 

Former Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso believes that Zidane's team are the big favourites to win this season's Champions League for what would be an unprecedented, third straight time - because, he says, Los Blancos are hitting form just when it counts and because they have more tradition in the competition than the other, highly fancied team, Manchester City.

Xabi not hiding anything from the tax man

But his former employers' affairs are probably quite low down his list of priorities right now - Xabi has the threat of a five-year prison sentence for tax evasion hanging over his head, but told reporters at an event in the capital yesterday that all of the relevant paperwork has been submitted to authorities and he is confident that his name will be cleared in due course. “I’m not worried because I have the security and the conviction in the knowledge that I did everything right. I’ve been showing that step by step, by collaborating with the tax office – I haven’t been hiding anything from them so my conscience is clear. I know it will all be resolved and end well," Xabi explained.

Madrid with more tradition than City in Europe

When asked about Real Madrid, he said: "They are looking very strong and they are the favourites to win everything - especially the Champions League because they have recovered their level which they like to have at this stage of the competition. The Juve game is going to be a great, classic European tie but Madrid are looking very strong to me. I see Madrid more as the favourites - City are a brilliant side and they are playing really well but they have yet to win major trophies and that is a very important factor to take into account".





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