Gareth Bale's Spanish is better than he thinks, says his teacher

Bale's Spanish teacher explained how his language classes were going. "He's a perfectionist and he worries about making a mistake".

La Sexta's Jugones programme spoke to Gareth Bale's Spanish teacher and asked how the Real Madrid player was advancing with the language. Michael Gómez, who has been teaching Bale Spanish for two years, says that the player's understanding and use of the language is much better than he thinks but like many people who learn a new language, he worries about making mistakes.

“He knows that he has to continue with the classes and improving his Spanish and trying to adapt to life here as best as he can”, his teacher Michael explained. “He’s a real perfectionist – to the point where if he feels his level isn’t excellent, he will feel as though he’s not doing well and that discourages him from speaking in public more than he does. But I think his level of Spanish is higher than what he shows when he is doing interviews. We’ll do the best we can so that his Spanish improves and after all else, that he loses his fear of using it in everyday situations”.

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