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Lucas Lima scolds reporter for persistent Barça "lies"

The Santos player reacted angrily to a journalist, accusing him of publishing quotes he has never said. "Do you think I would that stupid to say something like that?".

Lucas Lima put a pitchside reporter straight about the rumours doing the rounds that he is close to joining Barcelona. The forward, who is close friends with Neymar, explained that he is fed up with the media inventing stories about him when he is under contract at Santos.

“A few members of my family read that report but there was no byline – we don’t know who wrote that piece and that’s a big problem. You, the media, can say whatever you like. Why don’t you go straight to the player and ask what is happening? I am under contract with Santos. When did I say I am leaving? Think about it intelligently – if I had signed for Barça, would I go around telling everyone? No, of course I wouldn’t. Do you really think I am so stupid to say that I have signed for Barcelona in a place where the press could take photographs of me? You can think whatever you want but I am under contract at Santos”.

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