Catalan commentary celebrating Madrid's Copa exit infuriates fans

A commentator for Catalan radio station RAC1 could not hide his joy when Celta forward Daniel Wass struck in the 85th minute, effectively knocking out Real Madrid from the Cup. Listen to the excerpt that has caused a stir all over Spain (English transcript below).

English transcript:

“Jazabed can score….Wass….goooooooooooaaal!”
“Goal and elimination! Goal and they’re out!”
“Goal to end the treble! Goal to knock out the 40 match team!”
“Goal to knock-out ‘The Best’ team! Goal to knock-out the ‘Happy Zidane’!”
“Goal to knock out the best team in the universe”
“When they have a problem…the mask comes off!”
“When there’s no 93rd minute Ramos goal…the mask comes off!”
“That is Madrid…the Madrid that cannot progress from the cup quarter-finals”
“Ladies and gentleman….Madrid are out!”

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