Which goalkeepers feature in Iker Casillas' Top 5?

Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas selected the top five keepers who have had the biggest influence on his own career.

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Casillas' top five keepers

Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas handpicked the top five keepers who have had the biggest influence on his own career - a list which includes two Spanish players - one a direct rival when he was at Real Madrid.

1. Peter Schmeichel

“My number one is Peter Schmeichel because he was my idol when I was a boy and I remember him when Denmark won Euro 92; he had a spectacular tournament”.

2. Luis Arconda

“At No.2 - Arconda. He had been the reference keeper for the generation before us – for our parents, they enjoyed watching him. They saw in him, something about my own game”.

3. Gianluigi Buffon

“Third is Gianluigi Buffon because he was and still is a sensational goalkeeper – 20 years in the elite, some incredible saves – expertise, experience... he great colleague and a great rival”.

4. Oliver Khan

“Fourth, Oliver Khan. A fantastic German keeper, with a lot of character, courage and passion. For me, another spectacular, fantastic keeper”.

5. Víctor Valdés

“In fifth place, I’ll go for Víctor Valdés because he has been a reference figure for a club like Barcelona – an exemplary competitor and a model professional and someone who has achieved feats which are practically impossible”.


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