Ronaldo criticises Keylor Navas to Gareth Bale

Cristiano Ronaldo talked to Bale en route to the dressing rooms and clearly indicated that he felt Keylor Navas should have caught the ball that led to Dortmund's opening goal.

Ronaldo discusses Navas with Bale

After Real Madrid's 2-2 draw with Borussia Dortmund in Tuesday's Champions League match, Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted chatting to fellow Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale en route to the dressing rooms.

The cameras recorded Cristiano Ronaldo clearly indicating to Bale that Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas should have caught the ball at the free-kick which led to Dortmund equalising to make it 1-1 at that point. The Costa Rican keeper decided to punch, but only pushed the ball as far as Varane's face, which it hit, giving Aubameyeng the chance to bundle home. 

Bale and Ronaldo laughter

Despite Real Madrid's evident annoyance at being pegged back right at the end to a second goal, after discussing Navas' decision both Bale and Ronaldo appeared in good spirits, laughing and joking as they headed off to the dressing rooms. 

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