Messi Retires

Watch Messi's missed penalty, his last ever touch for Argentina?

It was more Copa America final heartbreak for Lionel Messi as he fired his penalty over the bar during Argentina's shootout defeat against Chile.

Messi's fourth final in major tournament for Argentina ended in disaster for the superstar, as the albiceleste lost on penalties to Chile in New Jersey. Right after the match, Messi declared that "this is the end for me with the national team", a statement that has shocked and rocked the world of football.

The Hastag #MessiQuedate (Messi stay) has been trending on Twitter and the Argentine newspaper Olé ran with the headline, "Please don't go" over a huge image of Messi lying disconsolate on the ground.

Football fans worldwide hope that Messi will reconsider, and that his last ever touch will not be the penalty he missed against Chile in the Copa America 2016. He deserves much more, and the international game would be a poorer place without la pulga.

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