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Gareth Bale cost Real Madrid over 100 million euros

As published by Football Leaks, the price for the player was to be paid in four instalments by Madrid: three of 24.9 million already met, and one of 21.2 million still to come.


Football Leaks, the website dedicate to revealing football secrets, has published the transfer contract between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur for the purchase of Gareth Bale.

The six-page document reveals that, under Madrid’s preferred payment plan of instalments, the price was 99,749,542 euros (plus a solidarity contribution of 1,015,875). In total, 100,759,418 euros, more than the 96 million that they spent on signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United: a detail the Spanish giants always chose to ignore.

Real Madrid have consistently maintained that the cost of the Welsh international was only 91,589,842 euros, with the contract explaining that Los Blancos were to issue a press release stating that this was the price of the deal.

The contract does in fact specify that this was the fee for the player, but Real Madrid were given a choice of payment methods. They could meet the balance up front and obtain a discount, handing over 87,010,350 euros, or - as they did - they could pay in instalments, with the price increased to over 100 million euros.

Tottenham, for their part, were obliged not to mention any economic details of the deal to the press.

In section 16 of the document, Madrid agreed to ensure that Bale would not make any negative or derogatory comments regarding Tottenham, the club’s chairman, its board or any of its employees.

Additionally, the Bernabéu outfit also waived their right to receive any remaining amounts due for the transfer of Rafael Van de Vaart to Tottenham in 2010, although the outstanding figure isn’t mentioned.

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