FIFA anonymously tipped off over Real Madrid and Atlético

FIFA anonymously tipped off over Real Madrid and Atlético

In 2014, Madrid denied having been the whistleblowers behind the ban given to Barcelona.

FIFA opened their inquiries into Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid’s transfers involving minors fresh from having handed out sanctions to Barcelona for the same reason, and dealing out the same punishment: a fine and a two-window ban from registering new signings.

Barça were investigated following anonymous tip-offs, while world football’s governing body began examining the activities of Real and Atlético in December 2014 in the wake of a similar complaint.

At the time of the announcement of the ban given to Barcelona, who have followed the investigation opened into the two sides from the capital closely, Madrid denied being behind the reporting of the Catalan club.

Real vice-president Pedro López Jiménez said at the time: “Neither Real Madrid nor I, as a FIFA member, have had anything to do with Barcelona’s punishment.”

In the same interview, López Jiménez also confirmed that, as a member of FIFA’s Players’ Status Committee, he voted in favour of La Masía, Barça’s youth set-up, being awarded with a certificate of excellence.

“In none of the meetings I attended was a possible punishment for Barça discussed,” he said. “What was talked about was Barcelona’s request for the certification of excellence to be granted to its sporting academies, including La Masía. I voted in favour.”

Meanwhile, Barcelona have had no role in the bans meted out to Real and Atlético. On Thursday the club’s technical secretary of youth football, Albert Soler, stated: “I don’t know whether or not their circumstances are the same as ours.”

He added: “We don’t traffic children. We have defended ourselves in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport because we didn’t commit any mistakes.” Like Barça, both Real and Atlético consider their FIFA punishments to be unjustified and, as the Azulgranas did, will appeal.

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