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Neymar: "Advice from Messi? Yeah, play better"

The Brazilian joked after his third-placed finish at the Ballon 'Or ceremony but added that he hopes to be back for more.


Neymar: "Advice from Messi? Yeah, play better" Ampliar
Leo Messi and Neymar share congratulations in Zurich. | FABRICE COFFRINI

Neymar spoke after the Ballon d'Or award ceremony in Zurich, where he came in third behind teammate Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "As far as I am concerned, Leo is from another planet, so congratulations to him."

How was the gala?

It's been a fantastic day, I'm very happy.

Is the Ballon d'Or something you hope to achieve?

It could be a challenge, but there are other objectives as well like winning trophies.

How many more years do you think Messi will win?

For me Messi is the best in the world, he's my idol and I hope we can enjoy watching him for years to come.

You look happy, did you enjoy yourself here?

It's been one of the best days of my life, I enjoyed watching from the front row as Leo won ans spending the day by the side of two of the best players there are. I hope I can be at the ceremony again.

Does that you are considered a future winner create pressure?

A bit more pressure isn't a problem.

Did you hope to be second?

Yes, I hoped to be second, but I have to work harder to be among the three again.

Has Messi given you advice so you can win in the future?

Yeah; play better.

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