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“I’ve won 5 trophies, how many have you won, ballbag?”

La Sexta captured the Uruguayan giving Espanyol goalkeeper Pau López a piece of his mind on the final whistle at Camp Nou.

Barça’s Luis Suárez felt that he should remind Esapnyol goalkeeper Pau López of something when the final whistle was blown on Wednesday’s Copa del Rey Last 16 first leg at Camp Nou. It was captured by La Sexta’s pitch-side cameras; the Uruguayan can be seen turning to the goalkeeper as both teams left the pitch.

“Five”, Suárez can be seen mouthing to the keeper before giving Neymar. He turns around again to make his point.

“I’ve got five, and you?”

“How many have you got, ballbag?”

Was La Sexta's interpretation of what the Barça player said.


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