Zidane confirms: "The plan is clear, continue with the BBC"

Zidane confirms: "The plan is clear, continue with the BBC"



The French coach batted off comparisons with Guardiola and confirmed that he plans to get close to the players in the squad.

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the assembled media at 14:24 in his first press conference as new Real Madrid first team coach at the media centre in the Santiago Bernabéu. He was presented to the media by Emilio Butragueño who initially apologized for the delay in the conference.

Butragueño “It’s a pleasure to welcome Zinedine, you are a living legend. You delighted us as a player and now you are manager of the team. You have prepared well and am sure plenty of success lies in store for you. On behalf of everybody connected with Real Madrid I wish you well”.

Zidane then fielded questions from a packed press room with representatives from the global media..

What did you say to the players this morning? “We trained with the fans present this morning. My words were simple, I told them that we are embarking on an adventure and we have challenges ahead. I told them that we want to achieve these challenges and that I was happy with this new role”.

Initial problems to address. “Football has always been the key at the this club and people want to see good football. I hope to bring an attacking style of play with balance but no more. We’ll work to do our best on the pitch. I saw that the players are focused and anxious to work hard”.

James and Isco: “I’ll be straight with you. All of the the squad are very important and James and Isco no different”.

Comparisons with Guardiola: “There is no need to make this comparison. Guardiola is Guardiola and I am who I am. I never made these comparisons as a player and I don’t plan to do so as a coach”.

What was your reaction when Florentino approached you about the position?: "A coach is never fully ready but I feel fully equipped to accept the challenge“.

Do you plan to continue to use the BBC as forward line? "Yes, that will be the clear idea".

Is the 11th European Cup a dream or a reality?

Everything is posible with this shirt. Winning is fundamental at this club. It will always be the objective and this is the case too with the Champions League.

You are a very respected and loved figure at this club. Will you be indulged more than your predecessors...

No, in no way. The responsibility of the coach is to secure results. That is the case with me too despite my time here as a player.

How will you treat the big name players as opposed to the way you handled the younger players at Castilla?

The treatment will be different of course. They are all experienced professionals but my message will be the same. Hard work and intensity that we will employ in training and in matches.

How will the style of play differ?

I want to stamp my personal style and play with an offensive manner. I want my players to enjoy themselves during games. I imagine that was the case under Benitez.

You, by nature are a shy type but now you’re coach of one of the world’s biggest clubs...

This is a new role and responsibility. It’s a big challenge but one that excites me. It’s the biggest club in the world and I want to win titles here.

Bale said that he would regret it if Benítez was sacked. Have you had a chance to speak with him?

I can imagine that he‘s disappointed with Rafa leaving as he was an important figure for him. Bale is a key player in this team and he will have my full support.

Did you pick up anything from your time working with Ancelotti?

He coached me as a player and is a very hard worker. He won the 10th European Cup (Champions League) here at Madrid and his advice was to win games and ensure that the players are content.

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