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Simeone: "We’re thinking about improving, not about the table"

The Argentine coach seemed happy that his team are top of the table but says there’s room "to play better and be more effective".

Atlético really had to grind out tonight’s win... "We struggled to combine during the first half – more for being overly-impulsive rather than how we were playing. After Thomas came on there was more fluidity to our game. This was an important game and a very difficult one but we’re going home happy that we are up at the top".

Candidates for the league title: "We’ve one weekend to go before we close the first round of games and our initial objective remains the same. We’re battling because we can play better, we can be more effective, we can finish off our moves much better and elaborate our attacking moves better..."

New signings: "It’s a positive situation for us. I really value the fact that no one has given me a predicament and I go only on what I get from our training sessions – and more so from our games. The players who are doing the best will be given more minutes. Competition for a place has been there since the pre-season. The best way for us to improve is to be competitive ".

Jackson and Correa in the starting XI: "We had Jackson in mind as we expected a game which would be played close to the opponents’ area and he is a striker who moves and turns well in confined spaces. With Correa, we wanted to break down a side who we thought would be pushed back where the team playing deep and his characteristics would help us do that. All of the players give the best they’ve got and those who came on later grasped what the team was lacking and tried to find a solution, and that is very positive".

Taking Koke off early: "It was a tactical substitution which worked out well, he didn’t come off because he was injured".

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