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James arrives at Real Madrid City with the police in hot pursuit

“Pull over! Pull over!” The officers in pursuit said they’d caught him doing 200km/h on the motorway.

James arrives at Real Madrid City with the police in hot pursuit Ampliar
James pulls into the Real Madrid training grounds with the undercover police car behind.

Real Madrid’s Colombian striker James Rodríguez sped into the club’s training ground pursued by a police car today. With the police calling for the striker to stop on their car loudspeaker, "Pull over on the right! Pull over on the right!", James refused to stop and managed to enter the facilities. The police car, an undercover unit, was stopped at the entrance to the Valdebebas grounds by the private security on duty at the gate. The police officers’ explanation as to the reason for the pursuit of James was heard loud and clear by the media: “We were chasing him at 200km/h on the M-40 [motorway]!" The police officers were finally allowed into the facilities by the private security guards.

James was driving a top of the range Audi and was alone in the car. The Colombian could now be facing serious charges, including failing to stop after a direct order from a police officer as well as speeding charges if it is shown he was doing 200km/h.

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