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Benzema Madrid court case on Nov. 23 for driving w/o license

Benzema Madrid court case on Nov. 23 for driving w/o license



Karim Benzema has been called to the court in Madrid’s Plaza de Castilla for being caught driving without a license on October 29th.

With the player currently in Paris embroiled in the Valbuena sex-tape extortion allegations,  just two days after the ‘Clasico’ on November 21, Karim Benzema has been called before a court at the Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) courthouse. The French striker has been summoned to stand on November 23 to answer charges of driving without a valid license after the player was stopped by local police in the Atocha area of Madrid on October 29th. The Real Madrid striker took an illegal turn at a speed level huger than the permitted which alerted police in the vicinity

The law enforcement agents determined that the player did not posses a valid driving licence and proceeded to book him for the illegal turn. The footballer pleaded that he was in the process of renewing his license but the agents involved dismissed his claims upon being shown a EU driving license request form that had been filled out by the player.

This was not Benzema’s first tangle with Madrid local traffic police. In 2013, the player was also called before a Madrid court for a traffic infraction. He was called to the court in Pozuelo on the outskirts of the city after a radar recorded images of his car travelling at 216 km per hour on the M40 ring-road. The player was fined on that occasion a fine of 18.000 euro and had his driving license confiscated for a period of eight months.

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