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“Jesé will show that he is better than Cristiano...”

Deogracia Martín, who coached Jesé as a youngster at Gran Canaria club, AD Huracán, feels that the striker has yet to fulfill his potential at Madrid: “You could see that he was a winner by just looking into his eyes”

Diego Felix

“Jesé will show that he is better than Cristiano...” Ampliar

“He plays with his heart and is pure talent”. This is the view of Deogracia Martín, who coached the forward as a young player at AD Huracán (Las Palmas) where Jesé played from 2005-2007 before moving to the Spanish capital. Martin continued, claiming that “in a few years, he will show that he is better than Cristiano. At the moment he’s better than him on a one on one situation”. He affirmed that “you could see it in his eyes as a kid that he was a natural winner and pretty stubborn”. Deogracia added that Jesé would get easily annoyed with the coach at his first club, El Pilar FC, located in the working class area of La Feria in the city.

“When he arrived at Huracán, he told me that he wanted the move as he was very good”. He was but he wasn’t a good academic student. “You need to study too or I’ll leave you out of the team” I used to tell him. I had to leave him out of the team when we played Las Palmas. He came on near the end and scored for us”...

Local journalist, Jorge Betancor came across Jerse at Huracán. “He was so good that he would have been able to play with adults in a few years. “I don’t remember him scoring so many goals but I do remember his ability to dribble and beat his men” he recalled He used to arrive at the training ground wearing the Barça kit and his idol was then then number 10 at the club, Ronaldinho.

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