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Benzema caught driving without a licence again in Madrid

Benzema caught driving without a licence again in Madrid

The French striker showed what he claimed to be a ‘provisional licence’, it was not accepted by the police and the vehicle was detained.

Revealed on Cadena SER’s El Larguero program, Karim Benzema was stopped by Municipal Police near Atocha in the centre of Madrid on his way to meet friends for dinner. Benzema, who doesn’t currently hold a driver’s licence, was driving the car. Police did not accept a piece of paper that was, according to the Real Madrid player, permission to drive provisionally. The player argued that his lawyer had given it to him to use while he goes through the application process to get a new licence from France. The police proceeded to write the player a ticket and detain the vehicle.

Real Madrid security services arrived to collect the player according to Cadena SER, and was not arrested for driving without a licence. Benzema had a previous encounter with the police for the same offence on May 20, he was fined €18,000 on March 15 in Madrid and his licence was also revoked for 8 months after he was clocked speeding on Madrid’s M-40.

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