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“I read that I banned Sergio from drinking beer, ridiculous”

“I read that I banned Sergio from drinking beer, ridiculous”

Benítez gave an interview to Radio Nacional and answered critics who call him 'controlling': “They say I measure the amount of olive oil in the salads...”

Here’s part of the interview that Rafa Benítez gave to Radio Nacional:

What score out of ten would you give yourself so far? “I wouldn’t judge yet or give myself a score because a manager is judged at the end, when he’s been at the club a while and has reached his objectives or not. We’re still in the initial phase, at the beginning of a grand project”.

Are you surprised by the negative things being said? “Yes, I’m surprised that despite all the good things happening, people have to focus on the bits we’re not doing so well. I always say the same things to the madridistas. We know where we want to be and we don’t want to veer off that path. We listen to voices outside the club but I have a team that advises me and keeps me focussed on our goals.”

There is an image of a disagreeable person around Rafa Benítez, do you see yourself as disagreeable? “I’ve read that Benítez measures the amount of olive oil in the salads, or that Benítez banned Sergio Ramos from drinking beer, that was another ridiculous story doing the rounds. Around my friends I act exactly the way I always have”.

Are you conscious that you have to win or you’re out? “Experience tells me what I have to do, and that’s to concentrate on winning the next game. That’s how you keep gathering points and progressing in the Champions League and la Liga”.

Game to game: “That’s the reality of football; you have to pass two tests a week. If you dno’t pass, nobody waits for you. You have to focus on each game and get the result you need”.

At Real Madrid they demand greatness, the beautiful game, excellence: “I don’t think so. The fans demand victory, that you give your all and play well. All the madridistas love Santillana, Del Bosque, Juanito. You have to leave it all out there, win and play good football. If I tell you this team will play a lot of great games, then, that’s the way it's going to be. This year, even though they say it’s not true, all you have to do is look at the first half against Celta, the PSG match, Athletic, Atlético Madrid... We’ve played really well in a number of games. They called it a difficult week, then we played out of skin in Paris, then they said the same thing. A difficult week”.

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