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Xavi preparing to step into management after Qatar

The Al Sadd midfielder is reportedly completing his coaching badges at the prestigious Aspire Academy: “My goal is to get back to Barça”.

Xavi is preparing himself for management in the prestigious Aspire Academy in Qatar according to reports, with one eye on a coaching position back at his beloved Barcelona. That appears to be his ultimate destination as soon as he finishes his playing career in Qatar.

“I love the fields of play, what happens on the pitch and within the game itself”, he said to the assembled Qatari media.

“I’m going to learn the profession and I’ve already started my classes in the Aspire Academy. After that I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but of course I’d love to go back to Barça one day. That’s my goal, the closer I am to the pitch the better”, he concluded.


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