LFP chief: "This is a national league for the whole of Spain"

LFP chief: "This is a national league for the whole of Spain"


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Javier Tebas also spoke about centralized television rights: "It was the will of what the clubs wanted."

LFP chief Javier Tebas again made reference to the upcoming Catalan elections during the national governing body's general assembly on Thursday, and the possible ramifications of Independence for the northern autonomous region.

"I made my position clear some months ago. I have not spoken about the issue of independence, which is a sensitive one and not something to be discussed at the assembly. I have not spoken about a league without Barcelona. I do not think it will happen because Catalonia will continue to be a part of Spain. [In the case of independence] Catalan clubs would not be able to play in La Liga because the Sports law prohibits it."

A league without Barça: "We would all lose. If Spain is broken up, if Catalonia ceases to be part of Spain we will all lose."

A league without Catalan clubs: "I can't see it. The majority of Spaniards also have a say in what happens to Catalonia. It is a national league because it for the whole of Spain."

Real Madrid and centralized television rights: "It is not a personal victory. It was the will of what the clubs wanted; that the statutes reflect centralized television deals. It is a good thing and the voting majority was significant. Like any club [Real Madrid]can appeal against any decision that is made regarding the league. They can go to the courts. That is not unusual. Being able to go to the justice system to claim your rights shows the maturity of the institutions and of democracy."

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